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Tia has lived on both coasts of Florida for over 15 years and is adept at analyzing local market swings and trends. She is also a real estate investor herself who can't get enough of graphs and charts. 


  •  Vacation Rental Investment Consulting 

  • Luxury Condos

  • New Construction

  • Crypto Certified Agent

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5 ways to get your offer accepted
in a sellers market

There’s a lot to consider when navigating a seller’s market and placing an offer on a home. It’s important to act quickly when you find the perfect house, while also taking the necessary steps to ensure your offer stands out among the competition. Showing the seller that you’re a serious buyer who’s willing to go the extra mile, both in your intention and financial offerings, can make your offer that much more desirable. 

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5 Ways to Get Your Offer Accepted

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Tia Castle is know for being the producer and host of a luxury Real Estate  TV show "Home & Castle TV (2017 - 2020),  It was broadcast in South Florida and Canada showcasing rental property and their famous owners.